Nails on Ninth

A family friend hires you as the manager for her nail salon, Nails on Ninth. Keep her salon running smoothly while delving into the experiences of American immigrants.

Story Writer: Charles Mbaruguru, Character Assets: Aki Shaqs, Music: Brent Hronik

Built with: Unity and C#


It's Tetris meets Street Fighter as players go head to head with their tile-matching puzzle skills and race to knock their opponent out. Each line cleared sends an attack to the opponent’s character. The game follows Atari rotation rules.

Built with: Java

Learning Theories Game

Lucy lost her papers and needs your help to find the missing pages. Explore the town and discover learning theories, from the likes of Skinner to Freire, in action.

Sound and Art Assets by: FinalBossBlues, Benmakesgames, Degica, Pipoya, John Leonard French, and Cafofo

Built with: Unity and C#


A 2D side-scrolling puzzle platformer where you play as a young wizard who accidentally opens a portal to the world of the dead. The boundary between the two worlds is shattered and a powerful witch is released to wreak havoc upon the world of the living. You must use your magic to gather the resurrection stones, stabilize the two worlds, and fight back the evil hordes.

Art and Programming: Tayo Falase, Sound and Programming: Cooper Reed

Built with: Unity and C#

Nothing To See Here

An interactive fiction set in a dystopian future. You play as a character who has decided to participate in a government program that provides employment and housing. You work to earn merits and you soon find out the program is more than you bargained for.

Built with: Twine